Answers to Common Questions

Are my kids allowed to play outside? YES

Can my kids play outside unsupervised? YES

Is it OK for my kids to make noise while playing in the pool? YES

Are my kids allowed to ride a bike, skateboard or scooter? YES

Can my children play outside with a ball? YES

Are my children allowed to make noise while playing outside? YES

Do my children have to go to the local park in order to play? NO

Do I have to follow the rules in my lease that discriminate against children? NO

Does is cost any money to hire Mr. Fagan to represent our family? NO

You will not have to pay any money for Mr. Fagan to represent you until he wins your case.

What information should I collect for Mr. Fagan? A copy of your lease, pictures of all signs in the common area (and pool), any letters, emails or text messages you received or sent to the HOA or apartment manager, a copy of all rules, copies of any recordings you have and any pictures you have taken.

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