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We Stop Housing Discrimination Problems in LA County, CA

We Stop Housing Discrimination
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We Stop Housing Discrimination Problems in LA County, CA



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The Law Offices of Douglas F. Fagan focus on stopping housing discrimination and representing clients who have faced this unlawful practice. At our firm based in Riverside, CA, you work with a lawyer passionate about eliminating housing discrimination problems faced by families with young children.

About Mr. Douglas F. Fagan

Douglas F. Fagan graduated from the University of Nebraska College of Law in Lincoln, Nebraska. He began practicing in California in 1991, and he is also admitted to the bar in Nebraska.

Before his admission to law school, Mr. Fagan received a BA in business administration from Azusa Pacific University. Previously, he also attended Cal Poly Pomona where he studied civil and computer engineering.

Mr. Fagan understands the housing hardships families often face. When he was a child, his father left, leaving his mother to raise six children alone. Mr. Fagan saw firsthand that people often discriminate against families with children.

Who Mr. Fagan Represents

Because of his life experience, Mr. Fagan uses his legal expertise to represent families that have experienced harassment and housing discrimination. He assists clients who have minor children and live in condominiums, apartment complexes, mobile home parks, or other rental units. He serves people from all over California and those from other states as well.

Examples of the discrimination his clients face can include:

  • Complaints that their children play too noisily outside
  • Warnings that children cannot play with balls or ride on bikes
  • Comments suggesting that children are not allowed to play outdoors unsupervised

If you’ve faced housing discrimination of any kind, contact the Law Offices of Douglas F. Fagan at our toll free number – (888) 653-2735 to discuss your case.